vendredi 30 octobre 2009

second "Microscope"

Here is the second session of "microscope", a monthly program conducted by Rude Awakening team on "Divergence FM" (in French sorry, but there is a lot of music to listen). Special edition on music from Northern Europe.
First part

Second part

Third part

jeudi 29 octobre 2009

Concert exeptionnel Hetu / Derome !

Concert exeptionnel, deux leaders de la scène jazz montréalaise !

Nous Perçons Les Oreilles
Jean Derome & Joane Hétu

Lundi 9 Novembre 2009 – 21H00 – Baloard

En écoute ICI

dimanche 11 octobre 2009

Nusch Werchowska live à l'Oignon Givré

Voici deux photos de la performance de Nusch Werchowska à l'oignon givré le 09 octobre 2009. Habituellement au piano elle avait accepté ici de relever le défi d'improviser uniquement avec de petits objets et des micro-contacts. Son myspace ICI.

mardi 6 octobre 2009

Soirée Duos à Paris - 20 oct 2009

DUET's Improv' (JazzMusiqueImprovisée)

Ni versus, ni contest, chacun sa cavalière pour une série de duo à L'Olympic le 20 octobre avec la fine fleur de la musique improvisée parisienne (ou presque).

Avec :

Violon Alto : Cyprien Busolini / Frantz Loriot
Clarinettes : Aurélien Besnard / Jean-Brice Godet
PianoClaviers : John Cuny / Quentin Sirjacq
Contrebasse : Youen Cadiou / Yann Dubost

Le 20 octobre à 20h30 à l'Olympic 20 rue léon 75018 Paris
P.A.F. : 5 euros.

lundi 5 octobre 2009

Nusch Werchowska live à l'Oignon Givré !

Nusch Werchowska live à l'Oignon Givré
(46 Rue Université à Montpellier)

le 09 Octobre 2009 à 19 heures 30.

Entrée: participation libre mais places limités!

Nusch nous fait découvrir son univers sonore avec des objets, ressorts et micros contacts.

dimanche 4 octobre 2009

Streifenjunko + Flymodus at Baloard

The two norvegian duets Streifenjunko and Flymodus were at montpellier for an exeptionnal concert at Baloard the 1st of october ! here you can listen some samples of this great concert ! Soon a video of the concert directed by Sam Harfouche.

Streifenjunko first sample

Streifenjunko second sample


Need some help !

If you want to help us to organise some concerts in montpellier or if you want help us to develop our label anywhere in the word, please feel free to contact us.

Festival Sonorités - 6>9 oct Montpellier

Don't forget this week the "sonorités" festival in montpellier ..."from text to sound"...!!! ! Here is the detailed program

conducted by the team : Anne-James Chaton, Carole Rieussec, Enna Chaton,Didier Aschour, Jean-Christophe Camps, Yann Granjon, Elisabeth Klimoff, Christian Déric, Mireille Nell, Vincent Menu.

samedi 3 octobre 2009

Contrabande at Baloard 9th september 2009

directed by Sam Harfouche.

First "Microscope", new program on "Divergence FM"

Here is the first session of "microscope", a new monthly program conducted by Rude Awakening team on "Divergence FM" (in French sorry, but there is a lot of music to listen).

first part (chronics)

second part (chronics)

third part (Robin fincker interview)

Fourth part (sample of outhouse concert in Montpellier)

Bonus part 01 (sample of outhouse concert in Montpellier)

Bonus part 02 (sample of outhouse concert in Montpellier)

Empty Cage quartet + Soletti & Besnard

We just received the next release of the label "Empty Cage Quartet + Soletti / Besnard - Take care of floating" recorded in June 2008 at Studio Lakanal.

This album will be released in Nov but you can listen exclusively it on LastFM HERE !!

If you like it, please order it !

Kris Tiner – trumpet
Jason Mears – alto sax, clarinet
Aurélien Besnard – clarinets
Patrice Soletti – guitar
Ivan Johnson - bass
Paul Kikuchi – drumset

vendredi 2 octobre 2009

News from friends : Outhouse new release

OUTHOUSE RUHABI album now available!

To succeed their critically acclaimed debut on Babel, Outhouse is pleased to announce the release of ‘Ruhabi’ on Loop Records. Ruhabi was recorded at Livingston Studios (World Circuit), following a showcase concert at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival in 2008, and produced at Abbey Road Studios (EMI).

The album, officially out on october 12th is already available from our on-line store at or

You can also hear samples from the album and see videos of our previous performances

To celebrate the release Outhouse embarks on a 14 dates U.K tour (tour details below). It is a unique opportunity to see this afro-european collaboration, so we hope to see you there!!